Giving an old farmhouse some new life

February 27th, 2010

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Historic restoration


The owners of this farmhouse came to us with a desire to repair some of the failing exterior elements of the home as well as improve upon some. With no insulation in the roof structure and nearly 200 year old post and beam construction still intact, SIPS proved to be a perfect application (check out our “building with SIPS” page under services to learn more). Once the SIPS were installed we replaced the roof trim. With a desire to maintain as much originality as possible in the home we used the same bead profile on the trim that appeared to be original to the home.The second floor space was a bit dark too, so we installed a couple of velux skylights to allow in some additional natural light. Also we brought in a local mason to assist in refurbishing the chimney that vented all the fireplaces in the home.


In any restoration or remodeling projects that are historic it proves to be a delicate balance between introducing some much enjoyed modern advances to the structure and maintaining its historic integrity. Our customers were thrilled with the results of the restoration to their old home.

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